Rethinking Capitalism

rethinking-capitalism-1Western capitalism is in trouble. For decades investment has been falling, living standards have stagnated or declined, and inequality has risen dramatically. Economic policy has neither reformed the financial system nor restored stable growth.

In this joint lecture, Mariana Mazzucato and Michael Jacobs, drawing on their new book, Rethinking Capitalism: Economics and Policy for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, explain inadequacies of orthodox economic theory and the failure of economic policies informed by it. They show how alternative economic approaches can better explain how capitalism works, why it often doesn’t, and how it can be made more innovative, inclusive and sustainable.
Michael Jacobs, an environmental economist and political theorist, is Visiting Professor in the School of Public Policy and Department of Political Science at University College London. 
Mariana Mazzucato holds the RM Phillips chair in the Economics of Innovation at SPRU in the University of Sussex.

LSE | 1st December 2016

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Jennifer Hochschild on Race in America

jennifer-hochschild-on-race-2Harvard’s Jennifer Hochschild explains to interviewer David Edmonds some of the data points from her years of analysis to map the racial, ethnic and class cleavages in America’s demography. Academics, she explains, tend to generalize too much about these issues, to focus too much on the role of the federal government to the detriment of state governments, and don’t pay enough attention to spatial variations: “Los Angeles doesn’t look like Dubuque, Iowa.”

She depicts a racial continuum of acceptance and opportunity, with whites and Asians at one extreme, blacks at the other, and other communities, such as Latinos and Muslims, populating the expanse in between. While the distance between the extremes seems to be as wide as it’s been for the last half century, she sees some hopes in the middle. She draws parallels for the modern Latino community with that of immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe at the turn of the last century: they arrived as ‘lesser whites’ but at this point have full membership in the larger dominant community.

Hochschild is the Henry LaBarre Jayne Professor of Government at Harvard University, where she focuses on African and African American studies.

Social Science Bites | 1st December 2016

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Albania’s Cannabis Boom

albanias-cannabis-boom“Albania has become the largest producer of outdoor-grown cannabis in Europe. This illicit industry – overseen by organised crime groups – began in the late 1990s and has spread across this small, Balkan nation. Most of this ‘green gold’ is trafficked out, with whole villages depending on the money it makes. The Albanian government is attempting to contain the industry by eradicating millions of plants, and seizing industrial-sized quantities that are dried and prepared for market in secret locations. With producer Albana Kasapi, Linda Pressly investigates Albania’s cannabis boom.”

Crossing Continents – BBC Radio 4 | 1st December 2016

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